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Welcome to Beaver Youth Soccer Association



Q-When will practices be?

A-Practices will be ANY 2 days M-TH dependent upon the coaches' availability, you are welcome to volunteer to coach and choose the days you would prefer. Practices are approximately 6-7:30. (U3/U4 are strictly M/W 6-7)

Q-When are games?

A-Mostly Saturdays and Sundays after a couple weeks of practice, and there will be some throughout the week at the normal practice time.

Q-Can my player be on their friends/cousins/neighbors team for rides?

A-No. This is a random draft, in order to keep our draft fair for everyone we are unable to honor requests of any kind.

Q-Can my player switch teams so that I don't have to be out there 4-5 days per week?

A-No. If you have multiple children there is a good chance you will be there 4-5 days per week. We have to keep the draft random to make it fair for everyone.

Q-Will my players be on the same team?

A-Only if they are in the same age group and reside in the same household.

Q-Can I coach?

A-Possibly! We would want you to have an assistant that is reliable and to make sure your schedule allows you to be at the practices and games. We will do a background check on both you and your assistant and have you both take our concussion course and come to our draft.

Q-What equipment/clothing is required?

A-Outdoor soccer cleats (not baseball/football), shin guards, water bottle (optional), black KNEE high socks for games (must be worn OVER the shin guards), black shorts for games and a ball (coach will tell you the size).

Q-When will my coach call?

A-Typically the weekend before the first practice.

 Q-My player was a U4 last season so I'm expecting to be there on M/W like before, is that still true?

A-NO. Player age groups are determined by birthdate and may differ from the age group previously played. Please do not expect to have the    same schedule as last season.
Q-Can I request my favorite coach?
A-No. We get requests like this all the time and cannot honor them, this would build teams and we do a random draft. You CAN request NOT to have certain coaches, just write it on the bottom of your registration/put it in the comments section when you register online.
Q-My son decided he does not want to play now, can I get my money back? 
A-No, no refunds.
Q-Can we switch days?
A-No. But next season you can volunteer to coach so that you can choose the days that work best for you.
Q-Who cancels for bad weather?
A-For practices the Coach makes that decision and it is up to the coach to let the team know. For games it is up to the Ref. There are guidelines that they go by. If there is a game cancelled due to weather or any other reason we let the coach know and they will let the team know. Games are played in the rain, they are only delayed due to lightening.